Hai ! Welcome it's Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

Junior JCI

Junior JCI club have been actively make student in develop their social actively and make students to a good leader and an remarkable citizen.

       Skill Devlopment Training Program on 05/07/2014.

  • Rain Water Harvesting Rally on 09/09/2014.
  • Health Care Awareness Camp (Eye & Dental Check Up) on 11/09/14.
  • Best outstanding person award to Mr..M.Rabi Ahamed  Principal/NPC on 16/09/14.
  • 3rd Year Installation of Junior Jaycee Wing on 17/12/2014.
  • SDP about “TIME MANAGEMENT”  By Mr.Jc M.Nagaraj on 17/12/2014.
  • SDP about “THE BEGINNING”  By Mr.K.V.Rajesh Kumar on 17/12/2014.
  • SDP about “MAANBUMIGU YOU”  By Mr.Du.Velumani on 18/12/2014.
  • SDP about “EXPECATIONS VS RESPONSIBILITIES” By Mr.Hgf G.Shanmugasekar on 18/12/2014.