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EDC Cell



      To functioning as a Change Agent (CA) for the Socio – Economic Development of the region in which the college has been established.


       The cell aims to enable our students generate income through business activities, empower them by skill development trainings and awareness-building programs and reduce gender discrimination through development of women leadership. The cell’s prima focus is to minimize the burden that women face in starting a business, by providing professional bankers, trainers and lawyers who can be consulted for advice."

Functions of EDC

       With increasing number of our students showing signs of interest and enthusiasm in entrepreneurship through our various entrepreneurship awareness programs, the college has officially established the Entrepreneurship Development cell this year. The cell focuses on guiding the students to become Entrepreneurs to create an Employer Culture. Instead of Job Seekers - Students are trained to become "Job Providers". The EDP cell co-ordinates various activities directed towards enterprise creation and entrepreneurship development.

  • To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps and Entrepreneurship Development Programs, both within and outside the campus for the benefit of our students.

  • To conduct various skill development training programs leading to self- employment, conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities for our students and to organize talent shows, put up business stalls, etc.

  • To guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system, information on technologies, etc.

  • To arrange visits to industries for exposure and on the job training.

  • To initiate five innovative student projects each year for new innovative product development.

  • To organize Business Plan Competitions every year.

  • To arrange interaction with entrepreneurs and create a mentorship scheme for student entrepreneurs.

  • To act as a Regional Information Centre on business opportunities, processes, technologies, market, etc. by creating and maintaining relevant data bases.