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Why Life@NPC is Awesome

Tenderhearted for doing social service

Students interested in pursuing careers in any

health-related field can acquire insight and information

through social events with ROTRACT, JCI.


Out of sorts- NPC Humor club

The club lightens the student’s burdens, inspires

hopes, boost their energy, diminish pain and

protect them from damaging effects of stress,

strengthen their immune system, keep them

grounded, focused and alert



Physical recreation

The college teams of Cricket, Football,

Volleyball, other indoor games like carroms,

chess, and table tennis participate in various

local and national level tournaments.

The sports committee also invites other

colleges to competition




 Pleasurable moments

Learning beyond class rooms is ensured through

visits to such a places as industry / organizations

where the students see and experience their

future career scenarios.


A healthy body and a healthy mind with yoga

Yoga sessions are conducted for students to

help them maintain both healthy body and

mind. The program is also for those who are

already regular practitioners of yoga asana

who would like to explore the deeper, more

contemplative, ethical, and philosophical

dimensions of yoga



A festival of knowledge that falls in every year.

It links together different knowledge networks

and reinforces the significance of Interaction,

Information, Communication and Technology

in the 21st century through the agencies of

panel discussions, lectures, workshops,

exhibitions and exciting competitive events.

It serves as a meeting place for creative

minds to discuss their ideas and allow for

testing of their ideas in the face of intense

competition, rigorous evaluations and a

touch of the carnival.


Cultural Activity

It aims to bring out talent in the student

community in all the possible forms whether

its music, dance, stage, literary skills,

sketching or other fine art styles.


Physical fitness

For students to stay fit and healthy are equipped

with gym And fitness centre facilities- treadmill,

exercise bikes and more of the latest fitness




Save a Life

The blood is red gold in time of saving a life. In

NPC of our students donated their blood in blood

donating camp through LEO club



Fresh bakes in cafeteria

Birthdays are a great excuse to splurge on good

food and a memorable way to bond with friends.

It is particularly important to celebrate friends

birthdays in college sharing fresh cakes in cafeteria