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NPC Alumni Associates

NPC Alumni Associate gives an opportunity to interact with old students and helps to promote the importance of lifelong engagement with NPC. NPC students are high capacity leaders looking for a leadership development experience that deepens their appreciation of a lifelong connection with NPC.


The Alumni Association is a dynamic, member-focused organization, driven by Franciscan values and directed towards supporting the social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of all present and future alumni of Nandha Polytechnic College.       

The Alumni Association will achieve its vision through its mission of

  • Promoting a strong relationship between alumni and the college

  • Advancing the unique needs of alumni, while supporting the college goals

  • Developing an awareness of Nandha Polytechnic college history, accomplishments, programs, and offerings

  • Promoting a sense of college pride among all graduates

What We Do

NPC members will have a variety of opportunities to take part in NPC alumni events, build relationships with alumni, be part of maintaining history and traditions of NPC, and spread the alumni involvement opportunities to their peers.


  • Leadership development opportunities

  • Networking opportunities

  • Professional development/skill-building opportunities

  • Interaction with a fun and energizing group of students and staff

  • Opportunities for lifelong engagement with NPC



    Maintaining communication channels with alumni means you can keep them informed of our achievements and make them part of your institution's future, not just its past. Alumni interaction have been conducted at regular intervals for students which made idea about industrial world.

    • R.Edin ,Aztech Autos Chennai on 25/6/14
    • S.Prakash , Nissan Chennai on 17/7/14
    • V.Gowtham ,  Breaks India/Assembly on 19/7/14
    • K.M.A Tharvesh Mohendran , Tvs Brakes India on 30/7/14
    • J.Vadivel Murugan ,Biogen Medical on 31/7/14
    • K.Vivek , Vonijen, Chennai on 14/8/14
    • K.Dilip Kumar ,  L&T Coimabtore on 18/8/14
    • S.Sathish,Infosys –on 08/09/14
    • P.matheshwaran,CIT college on 20/09/14