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Complete, hygienic and fully furnished hostel is provided by the management for both boys and girls separately. The rooms are safe, secure, clean and airy. The Students enjoy delicious, quality and homely vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Menu is prepared to satisfy the taste of all students. Their stay in the hostel enables them to imbibe a different life style and involve in activities such as yoga, meditation, sports, music etc., suiting to their individual taste and preferences.



Deputy Wardens and resident tutors are available in both the hostels to look after the welfare of the students. The whole atmosphere is constituted in such a way that makes students to think, “What a wonderful life, I lead”.


We provide;
Chinese food
South Indian and North Indian dishes
Tandoori items, snacks etc.,


 WARDEN NRI–1 BOYS Mr.Ranjithkumar 9942216806
 WARDEN NRI–2 BOYS Mr. Ayyannan  9965516805
 WARDEN MAIN HOSTEL BOYS Mr.Palanisamy  9942216803
 WARDEN  GIRLS HOSTEL Mrs.Sasikala  9095292168,7373710103