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Faculty Benefits


  • Defined Promotions and career growth

  • Faculty Orientation and Induction programmes

  • Fee concession for Children of faculty in any of Nandha Institutions

  • FDP in every department at regular intervals

  • Incentive for Project and commendable research

  • Financial assistance for paper presentations & publications

  • Regularized medical leave, casual leave and on duty leave

  • Defined rules, procedures, recruitment and promotional policies etc





  • College working hours is 8.50 AM to 5.00 PM.

  • All staff has to mark their the attendance twice a day (8.45 AM – 9.00 AM in the FN 4.20 onwards in the AN)

  • All staff members have to be in the Institute during working hours and follow the prescribed dress code.

  • Faculty has to handle the theory, laboratory and other classes for the full duration.

  • Board of Examination work is mandatory for all faculty.

  • The appointment can be terminated with three calendar month’s notice by either side or payment of three month’s pay in lieu of notice period.  Notice period must be co-terminus with the end of Semester.

  • The promotion to higher cadre depends on Experience, Teaching, Research and satisfactory academic and related activities in the college.

  • P.F. Contribution benefit to staff are being made regularly to the eligible Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.

  • Faculty are eligible for 12 days of leave per year in addition to government holidays.

  • Faculty has to take leave with prior sanction for the HOD and Principal with proper alternate arrangement.  Leave can be informed over phone only in case of emergency,

  • Staff members can avail one hour permission twice a month.  However such a facility is to be used only for essential needs.

  • Lady faculty can avail 3 months of maternity leave.

  • The faculties have to abide by the rules and regulations of the institutions framed from time to time for the effective functioning of the college.



  • The staff members shall not engage themselves either directly or indirectly in conduct of any business, trade, running of educational institution, part time job in any other institution / organizations.

  • The staff members shall not involve themselves in activities not related to their work, during working hours.

  • The faculty members shall not engage in private tuition.

  • Staff members are encouraged to take up consultancy projects, however, with the knowledge of the Management.

  • The staff members are prohibited from accepting valuable gifts in any form from the students / parents / companies having business transactions with the college.

  • The staff members shall not interfere in any matter not connected to their job requirement.

  • The details of student feedback forms and performance appraisal reports given by the superiors shall be treated as confidential.

  • All correspondence to the Management has to be routed through proper channel.

  • All faculty should take active part in co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

  • Faculty has to take active participation in conducting value added courses to students to enhance their employment potential.

  • Faculty should continuously update their knowledge by attending Seminars / Workshops etc., and using library.

  • Each teaching staff with teaching experience more than 3 years has to publish at least one technical paper per year.  The technical papers may be an outcome of research/Student project work.



  • Teaching staff are normally eligible for four weeks of vacation per year and Non-teaching staff are normally eligible for two weeks of vacation per year.

  • The Principal has the right to prevent any staff members from availing a portions or the whole of vacation if the services of the particular individual is considered essential.

  • Only staff members who have completed 1 year of services, as on date of commencement of the vacation period, are entitled for vacation.

  • No leave can be combined with the vacation.  The staff member has to be present on the last working day prior to the vacation and also on the first working day after the vacation to become eligible to draw the vacation salary.

  • Personal O.D.s will not be adjusted during the vacation in general.  However Principal may permit based on genuine needs.




          Rules and regulations are published every year with necessary corrections.  All employees are informed about the rules & regulations as and when it is necessary and is also made available in the website.

          For students all rules and regulations are printed in the calendar and distributed every year.