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About the Department

Established in 1998, the department of Petrochemical Engineering, NPC, Erode-52 is regarded as one of the premier centre for Petrochemical engineering in Tamil Nadu (India) by industries as well as academia.Department of petrochemical engineering is committed to impart knowledge to students at all levels through a vibrant , Dynamic and state of art intellectual delivers to ensure the creation of a complete Petrochemical engineer with high sense of social responsibilities.Nearly all major companies in India visited NPC for students placement which includes multi-national companies with a global foot print.

Corporate India has begun taking notice of the value based education which students receive at NPC.The Field of Petrochemical Engineering embraces those industries in which matter is treated to effect a change of state,energy content (or) composition. In these industries the Petrochemical engineering diploma holders concerned (or) recruited under the following positions.


  •  To be the centre for excellence in the field of petrochemical engineering and so as to serve the world class   refineries by producing the quality students with better talents.

  •  To contribute the growth of community maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.


  • To produce Petrochemical engineering diploma holders with knowledge, strong mind and ability to strive the nation frontier to the universe.

  • To compete and work according to the new innovations in the global industries. 

  • To adopt themselves very quickly according to the nature of the industries anywhere across the world.

  • To provide pollution free breathing air and portable water to the society all over the world.