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    Industrial and In-Plant training is being made compulsory for second and third year students during summer vacations. This not only helps the students in acquiring knowledge about new technologies but also acts as an insight into management aspects. Students are expected to undergo training for a period ranging from 15 days to 1 month in an industry and submit a detailed report for evaluation after completion of their training Industrial visits are organized regularly for the students which motivate them to understand the industry pattern, technical aspects and the current industrial practices.

Our students are visited the following companies.

  • SISCOL, Salem

  • PSG Industrial Institute, Coimbatore

  • Electric Loco Shed, Erode

  • Mettur Thermal Power Station,Mettur Dam

  • V-Guard Cables Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore

  • Eausan Rerolley Co. Ltd., Hosur

  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd., Neyveli

  • Radio Astronomy Centre, Ooty

  • Lucas TVS, Chennai

  • KCP Solar Industry, Salem


                The in plant training provided to the students is a unique aspect in our institution which helps them to obtain practical knowledge and exposure to the real time technical aspects and problems. The students are motivated to undergo In plant training (IPT) at the industries during the summer / winter vacation in order to know about the industry better and to correlate what is taught in the class rooms with the realities in the industry. Our students has regular in-plant training at the following companies,

  • BSNL,Erode

  • SISCOL, Mecheri

  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation

  • Electric Locoshed,Erode

  • TNEB,Erode

  • SAIL,Salem

  • SPB Mills, Pallipalayam

  • Sakthi AutoComponents, Pallagoundanpalayam

  • Lucas TVS, Chennai

  • MS transformers, Coimbatore

  • Diesel Locoshed, Erode

  • Indus Tequsit, Chennai


        As per the DOTE regulation, the diploma students have to submit a project work during the final year. Four students form a group and each group is guided by an internal staff. The students are allowed to do the project work in companies also. They are allowed to approach any sponsor for the project that has innovative ideas. The students are motivated and stream lined. The second year students are encouraged to undertake mini project work. Students get the experience in designing and fabricating their own electronic circuits. This makes students attain better knowledge in understanding the functioning of various electronic components.In the academic year 2016-2017 our final year students have done 18 projects for their partial fulfillment of Diploma course.


         Our Department signed MOU with Noval Axis Automation, Coimbatore and GT Electronics Puducherry for following activities

  • Visits of personnel for guest lecturers,presentation of technical papers for seminars, group interactions, and symposium and other study industry or institute functions.

  • Joint analysis and study of industry’s day to day problems, as well as requirements for modernization of industries particularly in industrial automation.

  • Carryout the students projects and in plant training of students and staff at the industries works.

  • Industrial visits by student batches.

  • Providing placement as per requirement.

  • Utilization of testing and laboratory facilities.

  • Any other area of technical collaboration like library etc.

  • Providing manpower as per requirement.

Paper presentation:

       1. A.Arunkumar and T. Chandrasudhan of III year students presentated a paper on " RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION" at Shri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore.

         2. S.Naveen and N.Prakash of III year students presentated a paper on " E-WASTE MANAGEMENT"  at Shri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore.

Project presentation:

     1. S.Sabari and P.Mohanbabu of III year students presentated a project on " MOVABLE PHOTOVOLTAIC ARRAY TO INCREASE  THE POWER OUTPUT OF SOLAR CELLS" at Erode Sengundhar Engineering College, Thudupathi Perundurai won Second Prize and Cash Award.