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Lab Facilities


  • Strength of Materials Lab

  • Concrete & Highway Engineering Lab

  • Environmental Engineering  Lab

  • Hydraulics Engineering Lab

  • Soil Mechanics Lab

  • Surveying Lab

  • CADD Lab




Surveying, exposes students to the fundamental land surveying measurement methods. Students gain familiarity with Precision Steel Taping methods to perform horizontal measurements, traditional transits and digital theodolite to perform angular measurements and traditional and automatic levels for elevation measurements.



  •     Transit vernier theodolite with tripod.

  •     Dumpy level with tripod.

  •     Plane table with tripod and accessories.

  •     Total station with accessories.

  •     GPS map 76.

  •     Prismatic compass with tripod.

  •     Pocket stereoscope.

The survey lab is equipped with all the latest survey equipments such as total station, auto level etc, To Conduct survey practical, we have enough area inside our college campus.



This lab is to have a thorough knowledge of testing the shear parameters of the soil, and characteristics of cohesion soil and, cohesionless soil and field test on soil.


  •     Sand Pouring Cylinder

  •     Liquid limit apparatus

  •     Proctor compaction mould with rammer

  •     Direct shear apparatus motorized

  •     Permeability apparatus

  •     Triaxial shear load frame motorized

  •     Three hang consolidation test

  •     Relative density apparatus

Soil mechanics laboratory is well equipped with all equipments required for identification and classification of soils. The lab instruments are well seated over concrete beds for better observations of readings.




The students are enriched with the knowledge of hardness of steel, the impact strength of square rod, double shear test and tensile strength of rods used in construction.