Hai ! Welcome it's Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

Nandha's Gym

A Very good Gym we are having in our campus to workout both Boys and Girl. We have a wide rage of equipment and a dedicated Health & fitness Supervisor.


Some people say “why should I go to a gym?” or “gyms are boring, I’d rather exercise by going for a run with my mates or by myself”. People have all sorts of reasons NOT to go to a gym so please let us explain some of the reasons TO go to a gym!


Fitness checks - You know you want, or need, to exercise but do you know how fit (or un-fit) you are at the moment? If you just start exercising (jogging or even working out at home) without some kind pre-check you could be doing more harm than good.


A fitness check at a gym will determine your current level of fitness and from this a safe and enjoyable set of exercises can be determined.

Different types of exercise - You are no doubt aware there are a number of different types of exercise, but which ones are best for you to start with and at what level should you start? Do you know what to do before you start your jog or home exercise regime, or when you finish, to make sure your body returns safely to normal?

Managed exercise - One of the main benefits of coming to a gym is that your exercise is managed in a way that is safe for you. You will get a regular weights and exercise review to check that you are progressing safely towards whatever goal you initially set yourself.